How to mobilize people with permission and without it, who should be checked at once in Ukrainian military offices

Natalia Gumenyuk, the head of the center of the Defense and Defense Forces of Pivdnya, spoke low fakes and disinformation of a completely blatant mobilization and explained the details, as if the process was true. Vaughn Zokrema respected that the conscripts tie shoesrather than realizing the right to choose.

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Natalya Gumenyuk reaffirmed that the mobilization do not share on the same “hvili” – it was voted out, and it was given to її étapizatsіya є umovnoy, zokrema for the service vikoristannya, for the sake of quietness, who knew the appearance of mobilizing Ukrainians.

For chinny legislation, at the centers of mobilization check for all viyskovozobov’yazanihyakі may be there to show up, schob to restore the status of power, respectability and belonging to the status, military appearance, specialty and readiness to serve in the Ukrainian army.

Kozhen viyskovozobov’yazany may come to the centers of staffing. Don’t want to, don’t call for a call in any other way of contacting him, but show up independently, independently in the light of the official’s notice. Ale zastosuvannya tsgogo vіyskogo reserve bude vіdpovіdny zalezhnosti in the fact that hto i yaký dosvіd maє. That more information will be needed already,
– explained Natalya Gumenyuk.

The plantation rose, that the one who makes the mobilization, take on the appearance of that send to the head – as a person can’t get it, but, to the butt, I can have a potential, which can be corny for the victorious at the military. There, a person himself can acquire a military specialty, looking at the novice and acquiring knowledge of a civil life. І already the next mobilized one should be sent to the head of the military training center.

The guardian of the center of the Defense Forces and the defense of Pivdnya specified that there they are mobilizing the best, combat equipment and equipment, getting ready for the war of military uniforms, and more than anything povnotsіnno melt to the bіysk. If a person already has a military notice, then she will be corrected once at the Viysk partup to which it is assigned.

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Natalya Gumenyuk voiced that the staffing centers have their own plans for the recruitment of conscripts, vtim, change, stink not directing to “get more yakomog” mobilization, and є plans for the replenishment of all mobilization reserves. For all that, such information is not available to those who are eager for the nobility, but is exchanged by the recruiting centers themselves.

The village council voted that the legislator may have received orders be-like a huge city. It is not defined by a specific perimeter of the territory – upovnovazheny individuals are entitled to issue relevant documents there, de stinks can exercise their right.

Commented by Natalya Gumenyuk raid on the beaches of Odessade vіdpochivalnikam handed povіstki y zgod vzmі visvіtlyuvali tse, like a warning:

Before such a raid, the officers of the territorial center were requested to be recruited together with the policemen, as if they were encouraging to install a person. Policemen in such a rank they tried to get in the way of morality. Oskіlki є such a problem, that for the access to the area of ​​​​repair and beach areas on the legislator’s level, no penalty for damage was given. Tse destruction of the military will become.

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Before the word, the village council added that they had already initiated an abolition to the Supreme Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for expiration of the normi punishment for such damage. And while the process is still going on, after the words of the guard to the center of the Defense Forces and the defense of Pivdnya, the stench will opine before the safety of the bulk.

Natalya Gumenyuk added that seeing the beaches in Nina is really not a safe view, the rocks are clear about the vibes of sea mines and the protection actually became the front line. “The stench (povistki on the beaches of Odessa – ed. Channel 24) was a way of asking the hulks and guessing that the country had the wine that є mobilizatsiyny obov’yazok. in order to understand?” added the landlady.

Behind the words of Gumenyuk, the legislator can hand over notices no less than practitioners of territorial centers of staffing. Tse, zokrema, you can get through the organs of the power of authority, cerivniki in the undertakings and establishments, in which they practice viyskovozobov’yazan just.

Posadovytsia voiced that the mobilization legislation transferred the appearance of the military recruits at the recruiting center after the vote of the mobilization. Less than a second you can change your place of residence and stay, and only work with the permission of the territorial center of recruitment. “That’s why a person could not be able to tsego vikonati – won є violator of legislation“, – said Gumenyuk.

If so, it was stated at the same time that he was a hulk, having rejected the order, ignoring її, vin pіdlyagaє administrative or navit criminal offense.

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Behind the words of the guardian of the Defense Forces and the defense of Pivdnya, after the turnout at the recruitment center, the process of clarifying the necessary data is taken into account. In an hour, while a person is resting on a military appearance, her family furnishings can change, she becomes healthy.

Only a few more clarifications of these data decisions are accepted, de and yak bude vikoristaniy potencial and dosvіd specific conscripts, which pіdlyagaє mobіlіzatsії. “Get in on your own man can’toskіlki tse vykonanny obov’yazku, and not the right to choose”, – said the posadovitsa.

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