How to enter a basic account in a German bank

On the Basiskonto near Nіmechchinі – the basic rahunok – may be the right of the skin, who lives in the country. Wine can be only one. If you already have one account, then it is not possible to send additional funds to another bank. If you happen to see the previous oblique record, then apply for a new one.

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Why you might need Basiskonto near Nimechchyna

  • The functionality of the basic account allows you to make the preparation of abo, navpak, the preparation of your own card account.
  • The card can be redeemed.
  • On the vіdkritiy rahunok, the salary and social assistance can be built up.
  • Basiskonto win for retelling and saving money.
  • From an obvious rahunka you can pay for the rent of a dwelling, utility services are too thin.

Yak Vіdkriti Basiskonto

For whom, you can either visit the branch office of the bank, or fill out the online form. The document can be viewed from the bank’s website or taken from the bank.

Three documents you will need:

  • Passport of the consecrated person.
  • As if you were registered as a bizhenets, if the document that you saw in the registration center was sufficient.

Zdebіlskogo allowed to vodkrittya basic rahunka hope in 10 days after the date of the date.

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