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In Ukraine, for the sixth month now, a full-scale war has been going on, which was launched against our peaceful state by a bloody Russian aggressor. This misfortune in the first days united the citizens so much that the crime rate, according to official figures, dropped to almost zero.

However, over time, despite all the difficulties, economic activity began to recover. And along with this, financial scammers and swindlers returned to the old “craft”, replenishing their “piggy bank” with new traps for gullible Ukrainians.

One of the most popular schemes for extorting funds from citizens under martial law is fake announcements about raising funds to help the army or internally displaced persons.

In fact, on February 24, ordinary citizens who have the opportunity to purchase and deliver the necessary, sometimes scarce things, began to raise funds for the needs of the Ukrainian military, IDPs and other people in need.

Scammers try to warm their hands on volunteering

However, swindlers, taking advantage of the good intentions of fellow citizens to help each other, are trying to warm their hands in this important matter. And they do it masterfully and in different ways. Starting from sending messages on social networks with a request to donate funds to the creation of fraudulent websites that visually resemble real resources of charitable foundations, where you can allegedly transfer funds to support the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the first case, you can lose the maximum funds that you planned to spend on charity. In the second, there is a risk that scammers, subject to the disclosure of personal data, will steal all available funds from a bank card.

In order to protect yourself from this type of fraud, it is imperative to check the information about those to whom you are going to transfer funds, and you should never disclose personal data, namely the CVV code and PIN code of a bank card.

Scammers place profitable offers at several times lower price

An equally common type of fraud is now the rental of non-existent real estate. Scammers, taking advantage of Ukrainians’ need for housing, place profitable offers at several times lower prices.

When you call on such an ad, it turns out that the owner is somewhere outside the city and in order to hold this option for you, he needs to make sure that his intentions are serious. Therefore, he asks to transfer an advance payment. As soon as the swindler receives the funds, he immediately turns off the phone. As a result, the victim is left homeless and loses money.

To avoid such a sad scenario, you need to remember a simple rule: you should never transfer any, even symbolic, funds for housing that you have not even seen in your eyes. If the so-called owner asks for money in advance under any pretext, it is almost one hundred percent certain that this is a scammer!

Fake evacuation transportations have become another common scheme of swindlers under martial law. This is a very cynical and ruthless scam on the grief of citizens, because, taking care of the safety of their loved ones, people are ready to give their last to protect them. However, by sending money to a scammer, people are left without money and without vital transport.

In order to protect yourself from this, you should never transfer money unless you are completely sure where it will go. Evacuation flights from dangerous areas are organized by the state. They are free. There are also many caring people who use their own transport to take out those who need it. Mostly they unite in thematic communities on social networks and usually do not take prepayment.

If you have to pay something for the service, then only in fact, when the person is taken out. Do not rush to transfer funds and try to agree on the payment for the assistance actually provided.

A common scheme of swindlers was the export of men of military age abroad

Another common scheme of swindlers was the export of men of military age abroad. They promise unimpeded exit from Ukraine through checkpoints or outside them. They value their services at several thousand dollars, and they also take them in cryptocurrency. Some of these proposals – deceitfully extract funds from citizens, others – involve them in criminal activities.

In order not to fall for the hook of swindlers, you should not trust enemy propaganda that is trying to compromise the national resistance and accuse the defenders of Ukraine of corruption.

Ukrainian border guards effectively counteract attempts to violate the state border of our country. The facts of corruption are exposed, and the perpetrators are brought to justice for crimes related to attempts to bribe officials, organizing illegal movement across the border using forged documents.

In today’s difficult conditions in which we are forced to live, it is worth being especially careful. It is necessary to turn on critical thinking and check information in detail before sending funds to someone. Compliance with simple rules and understanding of obvious truths will help to expose the evil intentions of any swindler and save a tidy sum to the family budget.

Bogdan Slutsky

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