how much money will jerry hall get after breaking up with rupert murdoch

Hall will continue to live a luxurious life after the divorce, as her ex-husband will provide her with a comfortable existence.

As soon as the media reported impending divorce of 91-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch with his fourth wife, 65-year-old former model Jerry Hall, how the question immediately arose of how much new freedom would cost the elderly billionaire, writes Daily Mail.

According to the publication, Hall will “receive a generous share” of Murdoch’s £14bn fortune, and will also continue to lead a luxurious life thanks to compensation.

The couple are divorcing after six years of marriage, which broke ground last year, but Hall’s absence from Murdoch’s annual summer party in London this week was the clearest sign. Not even a part of her family was there.

How much money Jerry will receive in the divorce is not known for certain at the moment. Lawyer Mark Stevens of Howard Kennedy’s firm said Murdoch likely signed a “rather generous” prenuptial agreement. It was drawn up with “the expectation that Hall would not interfere with the line of succession” in the tycoon’s business empire.

Most likely, the woman will receive “tens of millions”, which will be paid to her in the form of daily expenses.

Meanwhile, observers do not exclude that a serious battle for real estate, which they have accumulated a lot over the years of marriage, may flare up between the former spouses. In 2019, for example, they purchased a Georgian mansion for £11.25m near Henley upon Thames in Oxfordshire.


Murdoch Mansion and Hall in Oxfordshire

Photo: The Daily Mail

A year later, it emerged that they had also bought out Great Tew Manor, a “business venture” in the Cotswolds that was earmarked for a £30m restoration project. Last December, the couple spent £228m on a 340,000-acre cattle ranch near Yellowstone Park in the US.

Other family properties believed to be held in trust include a $50 million New York apartment, a California ranch, a $30 million winery in Los Angeles, and a sheep and cattle farm in Australia where Murdoch. There is also an apartment in Mayfair (London).

Jerry Hall made her fortune as a model, becoming the face of brands such as Revlon cosmetics. She also had small roles in films including Batman. After splitting with Mick Jagger in 1999, she received around £18 million.

As for Murdoch, when he divorced third wife Wendi Deng in 2014, their “settlement” agreement, which is believed to have included cash and assets, including a mansion in China and an apartment in New York. But she did not receive a stake in Murdoch’s media empire, despite the birth of two daughters, and their split did not affect the rules of the Murdoch family trust in any way.

When divorcing his second wife, Anna Mann, Murdoch paid her $1.7 billion.

Recall why Jerry Hall is called the woman of Mick Jagger’s life.

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