How much is rent in Kyiv?

For a long time in the capital in June, more than 50 thousand apartment rental ads were placed, and the cheapest options were in the Desnyansky district of the capital.

If at the beginning of the war the market froze due to the objective danger of being in Kyiv and the proximity of hostilities to the capital, now it has fully recovered and is demonstrating its readiness to accept Ukrainians. About it Focus told in the company OLX.

They reported: in May alone, in the category “Long-term rental of apartments” on OLX, 54.8 thousand offers for the rental of one-, two- and three-room apartments were placed. In June, the number of offers remains high: from June 1 to 20, 53.3 thousand long-term rental ads were placed, which is one and a half times more than in April.


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“Many ads for renting apartments in the Pechersky district – 9.4 thousand, followed by Darnitsky and Shevchenkovsky districts, 7.6 and 6.4 thousand ads respectively.

As for the number of rooms, one-room apartments remain the unchanging leader – 49% of all real estate ads in June. Most of the proposals were placed in the Darnytskyi district. Two-room and three-room apartments offered a lot in the Pechersky district,” OLX notes.

What apartments in the capital and how much are rented in June

The most expensive options are in the Pechersky district, the cheapest apartments are in the Desnyansky district and on Svyatoshino

The most expensive options are in the Pechersky district, the cheapest apartments are in the Desnyansky district and on Svyatoshino

Photo: OLX

Simultaneously with the growth of offers, the price of rental property remains stable, about which he wrote earlier in his article Focus- you can find a one-room apartment in the capital for UAH 7,870, a two-room apartment for UAH 10,598, and a three-room apartment for UAH 15,985. Desnyansky district is the most budget option for renting apartments of any room size, OLX noted.

“In general, in Kyiv in the coming months, the demand for long-term rentals will grow due to migrants who choose the capital as a place of refuge. The supply remains high, as many Kievans leave and begin to rent out their apartments. they will not grow anytime soon, as the purchasing power of many people has declined. We can expect a gradual return to the pre-war level of the cost of rent in case of stabilization of the economic situation in the country, our victory and the absence of new unpredictable events“, – emphasized Igor Syrovatko, Head of OLX Customer Service Department in Ukraine and Central Asia.

Recall, as Focus wrote, for the period of martial law most landlords go for substantial discountsbut the contract indicates that after the end of the martial law period, the price will be revised.


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