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The BanderaPower 2.1 portable battery can charge up to 50 smartphones. The device is powered by the Bandera Solar solar panel.

Engineers of the Promavtomatika enterprise from Vinnitsa have developed devices for autonomous charging and powering equipment from solar energy. About inventions on your page in Facebook said the head of the Vinnitsa regional administration Sergei Borzov.

BanderaPower 2.1 (“Power of Bandera”) is a universal battery that is designed to provide electricity to critical objects. According to Sergei Borzov, it can be used as a backup source of energy in bomb shelters, basements and checkpoints of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the presence of a large number of different connectors, the Ukrainian military can simultaneously charge phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

“If you charge phones separately, in general, it can withstand 40 to 50 charges. If the iPhone 10, then 47 quick charges,” said Sergey Borzov.

The device is based on lithium-ion batteries, its weight is 6.8 kg. It also provided a fuse, as in a car, as well as a charge indicator. The battery is hidden in a special case with pockets that contain about ten charging cables for different connectors, as well as a powerful LED lamp powered by a cigarette lighter that provides red and white light.

Specifications BanderaPower 2.1

  • Battery capacity – 180,000 mAh;
  • Number of sockets 220V – 2;
  • Number of USB inputs – 4;
  • Number of Lighting connectors (Apple) – 3;
  • Number of micro USB connectors – 3;
  • Number of Type C connectors – 3;
  • Degree of protection IP – 65 (shockproof, resistant to temperature extremes, waterproof bag).

According to the agency “Interfax”, the company has developed several versions, each time improving the unit and adding new features. Models 2.0 and 2.1 used Starlink satellite Internet terminals to operate, one charge was enough to power the equipment for 8-10 hours.

Vinnitsa engineers also created a solar power module called Bandera Solar. It consists of two panels measuring 680x780x64mm with a total power of 160 watts. They are protected by a sturdy aluminum case with stiffeners, made specifically for the needs of the military. The module weighs 20 kg, the manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty.

As the head of the OBA emphasized, Bandera Solar is designed to power lithium-ion batteries and goes well with BanderaPower. The battery is fully charged in 6 hours at 100 percent sunlight and 10 hours at 50 percent sunlight.

Bandera Solar

Solar panel Bandera Solar (in the background) and BanderaPower 2.1

“Mostly they use diesel or less loud gasoline generators, but still, with insufficient fuel on the front line and at points of permanent deployment, this thing is more useful, because it does not need to be constantly refueled,” commented the head of the Vinnitsa OVA.

Sergey Borzov added that the administration is transferring BanderaPower and Bandera Solar to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one of the sets will go to the Luhansk region. He also suggested ordering devices for site Promavtomatiki. On the company’s website itself, the possibility of buying is not indicated, however, on the site version 2.1 batteries are sold for 30,550 UAH.

It was previously written that US scientists have developed a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to innovative material electrodes, users will be able to know the level of charge and the degree of wear of the batteries of their devices 2000% more accurately.

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