Hour zbіgaє, – the Briton, condemnations by the occupiers to death

Judgments of the military forces from Great Britain, having telephoned their relatives and said goodbye to them, having told them about those who will soon spend it.

important I want, abi Zakhid, to think of Putin, – Lisyansky let it go, chi to kill mortals for foreigners

Having said that the hour will end, the shards of Great Britain did not call the Russian side and did not try to dwell on the yogo call.

Eiden would be more embarrassing if you phoned your mother today’s lies. Vin said that in the “DPR” you were told that no one from Great Britain had been contacted and that it would be stricken. Obviously, I’m convinced that it’s not true,
– said Grandma Aslina, Pamela Hall.

See, I write that the relatives of Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner, who were condemned to the strata of the British, were drank in full near Mariupol near the square, spod_valis on the exchange of military captives. However, Denis Pushilin, a gang of pro-Russian militants, said that there were no excuses for the British to be pardoned. For yoga words, “court” praising the fair solution.

What do they say about Britain

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Great Britain Liz Truss is aware that the British troops were at the warehouse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, earlier they signed a contract with the Ukrainian army.

Dodamo, that the “court” of the so-called “DPR” on 9 chern sued two citizens of Great Britain, 28-year-old Eiden Aslin and 48-year-old Sean Pinner, to the stratum. Representatives of the occupational administration in the Donetsk region of Ukraine called the military servicemen of the Ukrainian army at the recruitment and attempted forcible capture of the government by a group of crimes.

Viyskopoloneni are preparing an appeal

Pinner’s lawyer said that the team is preparing documents for filing an appeal. At razі її vіdkhilennya will be filed a prohannya about pardon.

As well as the occupation of the “administration” in the Donbass, assuming a death penalty, the soldiers can be awarded a daughter’s incarceration or 25 deaths of the colony.

The pinnacle of cynicism among the Russians is the call of foreign fighters, as they voluntarily came to defend Ukraine on our territory, from hirelings, and at the same time choose fighters from all over the world and send them to drive people into the territory of the sovereign sovereign land.

More details about the trial of foreign soldiers: marvel at the video

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