Happiness and freedom. 10 simple steps to fulfillment and love

Society today as a whole is so obsessed with finding happiness in its work, gadgets, technology, and other trivial things that it loses itself and its sense of happiness in the process.

In today’s world, many people live with their eyes closed for too long. You are missing out on all the beauty in the world around you. It’s time to feel free and start to be happy in body and soul. Here are effective 10 steps to improve your soul level of life.

Don’t worry about the little things

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If you keep sweating over the little things, it will turn into a big problem for your body, mind and soul. Don’t let one little setback or bump in the road stop you. Engage in large-scale thinking and immediately understand how you have changed.

Nourish the body

Nourish the Soul. Eat healthy food, even if it’s just switching from sodas to natural juices and smoothies. When you eat healthy, you feel happier, and when you feel happier, your life improves in every way.

Forgive and forget

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Literally. Forgive those who hurt you in the past and literally forget them. It’s unwise to keep around those who have wronged you in the past, because they are more likely to do it again. A happy relationship equals a happy life.

Find your soul path, not your career path

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Instead of looking for a job or career that you know will make you money and work to the bone, find what you feel is your calling in this life. If you feel like you should be a yoga instructor and not an accountant? Take action! Find your calling and you will wake up with a smile every day.

KNOW you are unique and love yourself

Each person has their own DNA composition and this makes us all unique and beautiful in our own way. Remember this daily, and you will love yourself inside and out and be satisfied with your life.

Slow down and take a look around

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This world is full of amazing wonders and I think we have forgotten about it. Stop looking at the world through the eyes of a camera and immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you. Birdsong in the middle of winter. The color of the sky during sunset. Bask in the radiance of this earth and you will feel reborn.

Happy night, happy life


If you get enough sleep at night, you will be a happier and healthier person, both inside and out. Instead of forcing yourself to go to bed, relax before bed, read a book (not a book on a tablet because the light from a reader actually causes insomnia), and have a cup of decaffeinated tea. You will fall asleep and wake up rested and happy.

Meditate your path to happiness

Meditating every day for 15-30 minutes helps focus your mind, body and soul, leading you on the path to Happiness. Instead of clearing your mind, let your mind think about the world, why you are here, and how we came to be, instead of thinking about nothing while meditating. You want to expand your mind, not close it.

Keep your body happy

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Exercising every day will help you stay happy and feel light. Go hiking in the forest or go mountain biking on the local trails. Get out of the gym and get active in nature, breathing in the fresh air and energy that surrounds you. Good for the body and good for the soul.

Choose to be happy

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It’s easy to choose to be sad, angry, or negative all the time, but it’s just as easy to choose to be happy. We all have a choice in this life to be a negative person or a positive person, but only one choice will lead you to a free and happy life.

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