“Good morning, Russian occupiers”: combat launches of “Tochka-U” were shown at the ZSU

Goodbye Russian occupiers

The press service of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a video of combat launches from Tochka-U. Ukrainian soldiers hit the occupiers with at least three missile systems.

Tse important The Russians have a lot of money to spend, – Musienko, explaining the situation of the Bil Girsky and the Golden

Good morning! Mi from Ukraine! I farewell Russian occupiers! Combat launches of TRK “Tochka-U”,
– wrote our defenders.

ZSU showed combat launches “Tochka-U” – video

Russia transfers the complex “Tochka-U” to Lysychansk

  • “Tochka-U” on the frontiers of the Ukrainian and Russian armies. It was stated from Russia that they took the missile system from the defense of their own army, however, there was little evidence that the Russians turned “Tochka-U” from warehouses for the hour of a full-scale war in Ukraine.
  • “Point-U” occupants hit Vugledar, Mariupol, Avdiyivtsi, Lysichansk and Slovyansk. One of the most crooked blows of the Russians was given on April 8, if “Tochkoy-U” hit the train station in Kramatorsk. As a result of the shelling, over 50 people perished.
  • Now Russian military transfer “Tochka-U” to Lysychansk, which is controlled by the Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine. The head of the Luhansk Regional Viysk Administration Sergiy Gaidai on 24 chervnia announced that six installations for launching Tochka-U missiles were fired directly from Starobilsk directly from Lisichansk.

Use the enemy

At the General Staff of the ZSU, on the 24th chernya, they updated the information about the approximate expenses of Russia in the war with Ukraine. Be aware that in Ukraine Approximately 34,530 Russians died already.

Serious expenses Russia learned from the technicians. Zokrema, the guards spent over 1500 tanks, 753 artillery systems, 216 aircraft and 183 helicopters.

Updating 23 black vorog knowing great losses from our attack aircraft and bombers. For the help of the Su-25 attack aircraft and the Su-24 bombers, our military forces started hard blows on the enemy. Under the fire, the living power of the Russians and the center of logistics stooped down. So, on a pivnіchno-shіdny straight line, the shock groups beat on the warehouses of ammunition of the enemy.

The riverman of the Odesa regional military administration Sergiy Bratchuk told about Ukrainian military on Pivdnya zavdali chimalih vtrat to Russian zagarbniks. Our defenders led 5 air strikes on the positions of the enemy.

To respect – the Russians shelled Zaporizhzhya with RSZV: marvel at the video

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