Germany, even with full storage facilities, will live without gas from Russia for 2.5 months

Even with full storage, Germany without gas from Russia will be able to hold out for about 2.5 months of an average winter. About this the head of the Federal Network Agency (German regulator) Claus Müller On June 23, he said on the air of the ZDF TV channel.

“If the storage facilities in Germany were mathematically 100% full, we could go completely without Russian gas for just two and a half months, and then the storage tanks would be empty.”

Claus Müller

According to the official, the situation in the country against the backdrop of a reduction in gas supplies from Russia is tense, but still stable. To keep it, Germany needs to find new suppliers and use gas economically.

As reported IA REGNUMMinister of Economy of Germany Robert Habek previously stated that the German authorities

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