George Martin reveals working title for ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off

George Martin confirmed the information that the HBO television channel is producing the Game of Thrones series and provided some details about the project. This was reported on June 24 by the GamesRdar portal.

“Yes, The Jon Snow Show is in Development”, Martin wrote on his blog, noting that the information previously published in the media is not based on an official HBO statement, but on the claims of an anonymous source. He added that this series went into production at about the same time as all the other shows based on the Game of Thrones, but for some reason information about it had not previously “leaked” to the Web.

The writer said that the project has the working title “Snow” and after Emilia Clarke confirmed that the author of the idea is himself Kit Harington. Martin noted that the actor found “stunning” screenwriters and producers.

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