General of the Bundeswehr about Leopard tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Nothing complicated, I learned in a week” – Ukrainian news, Mir

Retired Brigadier General of the Bundeswehr Klaus Wittmann believes that the lack of deliveries of heavy armored vehicles from Germany to the Ukrainian defense forces is a matter of political determination, and not a lack of time to train Ukrainian crews to operate unfamiliar military equipment. He stated this on the air of the channel Die Welt.

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The host recalled that in the dispute over the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, critics “often talk about a long period of training,” which is supposedly necessary for Ukrainians to properly use the systems, including tanks. He cited the example of a Bundeswehr general saying that “training on a Leopard takes years.”

“Complete nonsense. When I once accepted a tank brigade as an artilleryman, I went to tank training in Munster for a week and learned how to use the Leopard: drive it, shoot and hit targets,” Wittmann brushed aside, who often comments on combat actions in Ukraine as a visiting military expert and historian.

He added that if the decision to supply Ukraine with tanks and BMP Marder had been taken promptly, “then all this would now be used” by the fighters of the defense forces.

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Wittmann “not very impressive” list military assistance provided or promised to be provided by Germany to Ukraine, although he acknowledged that there were useful and effective positions there.

June 16 French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that among the NATO countries there is an “almost official” agreement do not deliver to Ukraine certain types of offensive weapons, including modern tanks and combat aircraft.

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