Gasoline, gas and diesel 23 blacks – what is the price and the situation at the gas station

Vartist palny 23 worms

On average, the price of gas last week decreased by 20 kopecks in Ukraine to UAH 42.15 Zavdyaks to the fact that dekіlka merezh lowered their price by 1 hryvnia:

  • Shell reduced the price by 1 hryvnia to 42.04 hryvnia per liter of gas;
  • Kiev KLO, as well as Motto – up to 41.99 hryvnia;
  • Dnipropetrovsk “Neftek” up to UAH 43.99;
  • Merezha Mango reduced the price by UAH 1.20 and now you can fill up with gas for UAH 42.52.

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Respectfully, there is no shortage in the auto gas market. You can refuel with this type of finger, if you can, even if you get yoga from a sufficient amount. At the same time, there are still problems with gasoline and diesel.

Sergiy Kuyun

Director of Consulting Group A-95

As regards gas, imports have already exceeded the estimate, in the dispal market, they are slowly entering the forecast indicators, and in terms of gasoline, they still fall short of 20-25%.

Average prices for gasoline and diesel, as you know “Minfin”:

  • Petrol A-95 premiumUAH 52.32;
  • Gasoline A-95UAH 50.69;
  • Gasoline A-9250.56 hryvnia;
  • Diesel fuel56.45 hryvnia;
  • Diesel fuel premium57.95 hryvnia.

Chi turn old prices

Ukraine is actively working on tim that create new delivery routes. Ale not varto rozrakhovuvati, if it happens, then you should turn around before the pre-war ones. Rich in time, the prices on the palm grew sharply in the whole world through the record oil quality. About the ceremony, RNBO Secretary Oleksiy Danilov. For yoga words, that price, as if it was earlier, it won’t be anymore.

Why wine deficiency

  • The Russian occupiers destroyed the infrastructure, the oil base and the Kremenchuk oil refinery.
  • Also, the enemy is blocking port, which makes it impossible to import oil and petroleum products by the sea route. Everything must be brought in through the entrance cordoni.
  • Logistics seemed to be getting more expensive, as now it takes much more than an hour.
  • Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, stating that get rich already in autumn.

Before those – Kuyun rozpovіv about the situation on the market of finger: marvel at the video

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