Gaidai rozpovіv, as vshchent Russian nonsense is being broken about those who “Ukraine is bombing Donbas”

І razkriti її already easily. This was announced by the head of the Luhansk OVA Sergiy Gaidai, channel 24.

important The Russians protrude from the bіk Lisichansk from the side of Zolotoy and Toshkіvka and throw “Points-U”

Vіn respecting that the Merezha has a great number of witnesses of the Meshkants themselves paying off the territories about those that the Donbass is bombing Russian troops. On the confirmation of which you can put a numerical video, on which you can see how the “leave” goes, and literally in a second there will be a vibe on the territory they cover.

That is, if at the tilu people smell “out” and immediately “arrived”, it does not mean that they are shooting here instruct. You can’t just “go out” to Alchevsk, as if they were killed from the controlled territory of Ukraine. Tse is unrealistic. Look big
– voicing Gaidai.

So the officer of the Lugansk OVA turned back to the Meshkantsiv of the paid-off territories. Vіn having said, scho, for їkhnіmi well firms, їх to bomb already 8 rokіv. And to fight for nothing Ukrainian army.

“Just as it’s true, then why are you wondering about the vibrations?” Gaidai suggested.

What is seen at the same time in Donbas

People in Donbass try the most intense battles. Enemy, not dreaming for 4 months of the so-called “special operation” of serious victories, vyrishiv throw all their forces on the Lugansk region.

Behind the words of an officer of the Lugansk region, it is necessary to understand that in the Russian zagarbniks there is a significant advantage in artillery, important technical equipment and a special warehouse. To the very same, as if voicing the wine, the tactics, like the Ukrainian military curry, were correct.

The right Russians are drawing up the rest of the reserves, at the next hour we will remember them,
– said Gaidai.

Unfortunately, the 20th chervnya of the ZSU lost control over Metiolkіnim, and later they left Sevrodonetsk. Gaidai, having said that the population has been spent, does not yet mean that we have planned the war. Armed Forces of Ukraine will defend the Lugansk region until the rest.

The head of the Lugansk Regional Military District, having declared that the Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine here will succeed on the battlefield, and on some direct lines, they will be able to stream the enemy and enter new positions. When tsimu vіn slandered, scho ZSU in charge of garrison colossal expenses.

“It’s all to fight for one goal – to win!”, – said Gaidai.

Before those – ZSU see Sevrodonetsk: marvel at the video

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