From today Fly Arna started flying from Domodedovo to Yerevan

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From today Fly Arna started flying from Domodedovo to Yerevan

These are the first direct flights to Moscow by the national budget airline of Armenia. The schedule includes 14 flights per week on the Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan route on Airbus A320 aircraft. Travel time is 3 hours 45 minutes.

The company will also operate three flights weekly from Yerevan to Sochi and back.

The ticket price for the next flight from Moscow (September 24) starts from 1,293,117 Armenian drams, that is, about 185,000 rubles. True, so far it has been possible to find tickets only on the website of the airline itself. (And we remember that it positions itself as a low-cost airline.) And on the portal of Domodedovo Airport, the nearest plane to Yerevan, for which you can still buy a ticket, is listed on Tuesday, September 27 (IrAero company, the cost of the flight is 426,463 rubles).

Previously reportedthat the cost of air tickets to visa-free countries for Russians has increased 10 times since September 21 – both for direct flights and with transfers.

Today, Aeroflot announced on the resumption of flights to Colombo (from October 9), Bangkok (from October 30) and Goa (from November 2). Sales of tickets to Sri Lanka and Thailand are already open, to India – will begin in the near future.

Photo: press service of Domodedovo Airport


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