From October 1, Russia will allow presenting electronic driver’s licenses

In Russia, from October 1, a driver’s license can be presented electronically through the State Services Auto mobile application. This was announced by the head of the State traffic inspectorate of Russia Mikhail Chernikov on Wednesday, September 21.

According to him, in the mobile application “Gosuslugi Avto” it will be possible to upload a driver’s license, which will be translated into a QR code. Any inspector on the road will be able to check it with a tablet.

“From October 1 of this year, we are planning to launch an electronic service for presenting a driver’s license in the “Gosuslugi Avto” mobile application, who has not downloaded such an application, please, you can already do it today, and from October 1 this service will already be available,” he said. Chernikov at the international forum Kazan Digital Week.

Verification of rights through the application will be carried out only on an experimental basis. Now amendments to the traffic rules are being prepared so that the electronic document is considered legal. The department plans to make the project available throughout the country, as well as to establish its work offline so that drivers can show their rights where the Internet does not catch.

Last year, an electronic service was tested upon presentation of a vehicle registration certificate using the “Gosuslugi Avto”. In the first week alone, the app was downloaded more than 1 million times. Mikhail Chernikov noted that the experiment received positive feedback from drivers.

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