Fragments of a rocket of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were brought to the Komi State Council

Officials from Komi, who visited the LPR, brought fragments of the Tochka-U missile system to the deputies of the State Council, the press service of the Legislative Assembly reports.

Each deputy received a separate folder. It contained working documents, a leaflet with explanations, and the fragment of the missile system itself.

“On August 22, 2014, a Tochka-U ballistic missile launched by the Ukrainian Armed Forces fell on the city of Rovenki in the Luhansk People’s Republic. Residential buildings were destroyed, four local residents were killed. Among the dead is Sasha Sorokin, who was 6 years old. Ukrainian media wrote that “terrorists were destroyed”the note says.

As reported IA REGNUMKomi and the city of Rovenki (LPR) signed a cooperation agreement.

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