Former head of the GUBOP of Belarus shot a 16-year-old guy, – media

The colonel rudely wanted to drive away the company of teenagers who were sitting near the entrance. After a fight broke out, the security officer pulled out a pistol and opened fire on the teenagers.

Residents of the Minsk residential complex “Kaskad” witnessed a fight with shooting, in which the former head of the Main Directorate for Organized Crime Control of Belarus Andrey Parshin participated. How informs The monthly Belarusian socio-political newspaper Nasha Niva, near the entrance of a residential building, Parshin tried to disperse a group of teenagers and used firearms, injuring 16-year-old boy Yevgeny.

The circumstances of the incident were described by one of the eyewitnesses. According to him, a group of children and teenagers was sitting near the entrance – two girls and three boys, the youngest of whom was 11 years old. At this time, Colonel Parshin was returning home at about seven o’clock in the evening and, seeing the company, started a conflict with the teenagers.

“They say,” why are you sitting here? Is this your entryway? Not yours, then get out. “Only all obscenities,” says the witness.

Another eyewitness said that during the fight, Parshin hit the teenager in the face and neck, and also tore his T-shirt. But Eugene, as it turned out, was engaged in rowing and was of a strong physique.

“Word for word, a scuffle began. As a result, Parshin ended up on the ground,” said an eyewitness.

After that, the man got up from the ground, took out a gun and shot the guy in the leg. The publication writes that after the fight, Parshin brought the weapon home and called an ambulance. In addition to the doctors who, upon arrival, provided first aid to Yevgeny, people in civilian clothes arrived and began to talk with the rest of the children. Witnesses reported that the teenagers were threatened and told that if they told how everything really happened, then they would all face jail.

It is not yet known what kind of weapon Parshin fired from, but Yevgeny has already undergone two operations and is now on drips in a military hospital. The colonel himself lies with a concussion.

Friends of Evgeny’s family said that the guy is not conflicted, goes in for sports and has no problems with studies. He grows up as a responsible young man, since he himself comes from a large family. His parents raised him in strictness, honesty and order.

teenager Eugene K.

teenager Eugene K.

“The whole house is in shock. How is it? The man serves in the police, has been trained, supposedly knows the laws. Even if the children were noisy, so why shoot them? There are some patrols that can be called, there are some other methods discussions, everyone is horrified,” says a resident of the house.

Journalists write that Colonel Parshin, as head of the GUBOP, participated in political repressions against representatives of political structures, the media, cultural figures, businessmen, etc. Recently, Parshin was appointed to a general position in the Operational Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Earlier it was reported that 17-year-old Belarusian skier Daria Dolidovich, along with her family fled from Belarus to Poland fearing reprisals from the authorities. For the political views of the father, kk was removed from the competition.

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