For tourists who want to save on airfare

People try to visit as many places as possible where they can learn more about the history and culture of their country and the peoples of the world. The most comfortable, convenient and fastest way to travel is air travel. However, some refuse them, as they consider such trips too costly.

Specialists (16+) told how you can save on air tickets, but not infringe on the quality of the service. In fact, as in other areas of customer service, air carriers divide services into several types according to comfort:

– Economy class;
– Business Class;
– premium class.

It is clear that the minimum prices will be offered in the first type, but they also require a minimum of amenities for the passenger. However, they are enough for a safe flight, which is quite suitable for a tourist if the journey takes a couple of hours. So, for example, flight Yekaterinburg — Moscow (16+) you can safely spend in the economy class cabin, especially if the carrier has provided everything you need for the flight.

The second factor that you should pay attention to is promotional offers. They are introduced during the off-season, when the demand for air tickets is reduced, and it is necessary to provide personnel and equipment with work. Companies reduce airfare prices to a reasonable level or set discounts for certain times, flights or aircraft. Also a reason for holding promotions – for example, the anniversary of the company, expanding its geographical coverage, the need to attract the attention of tourists with the help of advertising tools, and so on.

The third savings factor is the use of loyalty programs. Air carriers develop systems of special offers for new customers, regular buyers of air tickets, etc. For example, a person can receive a discount on a flight Moscow — Istanbul (16+) if using a promo code. This option also applies to this savings option. By the way, promotional codes, bonuses and discounts when buying a certain series of tickets are quite popular, and therefore common ways to save money on air travel.

And the last factor that deserves attention is discounts for privileged categories of citizens. These include pensioners, children, students, workers in special professions, and so on. You can find out if you belong to one of the preferential categories on the website of the air carrier. If you buy a ticket at the box office, you should ask the cashier about it, he will give you up-to-date and complete information.

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