For three months, the number of fingers at gas stations has changed: checks for lower prices

How did the price of a finger grow for three months

For the period from 24 birch to 24 roubles, the price for diesel fuel increased the most, the least for gasoline A-92. According to the tribute of “Consulting Group A-95”, the price of a toe at the gas station was changed by an offensive rank:

  • for gasoline A-92 accumulated 32.94 hryvnia per liter, and today it becomes 49.67 hryvnia per liter (+16.73 hryvnia);
  • for diesel burner – UAH 36.54 per liter, none – UAH 56.41 per liter (+UAH 19.67);
  • for autogas – 24.15 hryvnia per liter, and at the same time liter vartuє 41.90 hryvnia (+17.75 hryvnia).

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Chi turn qini to the pre-war level

RNBO Secretary Oleksiy Danilov perekonaniy, that with the hour of new routes to get better, there will be no daily problems from the palms. At the same time, these vins do not cause a loss for the fall of the price of the fallen, shards for which there are no daily rethinks.

It is required to understand what that price is, as it was earlier, it will not be. If the whole world has a price for gasoline, mentally, 2 euros per liter, then how can we have 1 euro?
Danilov said.

Other forecasts for prices on the floor

Boundary price of Mineconomy

Guess what March 14 for a liter of gasoline – 25.82 hryvnias and for diesel fired – 22.09 hryvnias per liter, for which there is a limit on the sale price of fired oil in distribution for another decade of black oil.

Also, due to the improvement of border trade rates, the maximum price for “extraordinary” gasoline at retail outlets is not guilty of exceeding 30.82 hryvnia per liter, at “extraordinary” DP – 29.09 hryvnia per liter.

Why in Ukraine is the cause of the shortage of

  • Through mass aiming rockets, strike from the side of the aggressor country, blasted oil base and oil refinery backwaters. For example, Kremenchuk oil refinery.
  • Problems with logistics. Varto respect that due to the blocking of the ports of Ukraine by garrisoners, the state cannot import naphtha by sea route.
  • As a matter of fact, the cost of logistics has increased, and the stones have to be transported through the cordons of Ukraine.
  • Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, stating that get rich already in autumn.

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