For the beginning of the month, Russia 320 times fired at Chernigiv and Sumy regions

Ukraine does not fix on the side of Russia the formation of forces for a shock attack

Andriy Demchenko, a riverman of the Sovereign cordon service of Ukraine, announced about the briefing hour, and announced Channel 24. In other words, only the Red Russians shelled the Sumy and Chernigiv regions 320 times.

Up to those The occupiers were again beaten in the Sumy region: there was a victim, the policemen attacked me

At one time, Andriy Demchenko said that the Ukrainian side did not keep forces on the side of Russia for a second shock attack.

Russia continued to train and strengthened its forces in the cordon districts of the Bryansk and Kursk regions. Tse to fight for the demonstration of forces and the awakening of our defense forces. Molded by a heap of forces for a shock attack, we are not yet afraid. The occupant does not accept the shelling of Chernigiv and Sumy regions. In just the beginning of the month, the DPSU recorded 320 shellings of these territories,
– rose wines.

Okupanty 22 worms shelled Sumy region again

The riverman of the State Prikordonservice told that on 22 chervnya Russia, from its own territory, fired fire in the Yunakivsk community near the Sumy region. The enemy was fired on with an automatic arrow.

Varte respect The Russians threw on the Sumy region a wave of unmanned aerial vehicles and fired artillery: one man died

So, on the side of the Russian village of Tiotkino, as if Demchenko was named, he fired at the enemy with mortars, using a caliber of 120 mm, one of the settlements in the Bilopolsky community, which is also in the Sumy region.

In the wake of this shelling, the civil infrastructure, a functioning medical deposit, medical, agricultural and private automobile equipment were damaged, a sprat of domestic animals was injured,
– rozpoviv riverman of the Derzhprikordonsluzhba.

Frontal shelling of Sumy and Chernigivshchyna

  • Nich against 22 worms Russians fired on the Sumy region, yakі lasted і zranku. The Esmansk and Novoslobidsk masses ate a blow. 20 “additions” were fixed with a zahal.
  • Near the Chernigiv region at night for 23 chern Russians fired with mortars bred Ukrainian cordoners near the village of Grem’yach. As a result of the shelling, there was no cost from the Ukrainian side.
  • In the Sumy region, 4 districts of the region leaned against the fire of the enemy. Russian troops fired from various types of armored vehicles – they recorded close to hundreds of artillery “splits”.
  • Through the shelling of the houses of the peaceful meshkants, the Atinsky psycho-neurological boarding school, the water tower, the electric dams, as well as the farm, the creatures suffered.

Before respect – operational information from the General Staff of the ZSU on the 120th day of the war: watch the video

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