for schoolchildren, who could not complete the initial rіk through war in the country

The team of the International Boarding School STUDY.UA (International Boarding School STUDY.UA) is launching online intensive school program for students from Ukraine 5-9 grades. You can also reach the new one.

The goal of such a project is to give Ukrainian schoolchildren who, for various reasons, have lost access to education at their schools, the opportunity to complete their initial education at IBS! Adzhe kozhen ukrainian scientist may have the right to health education and awareness of global education programs. Tse – mission, is the basis of the program

For registration, follow the instructions:

International boarding school STUDY.UA offers to all those who want to get to the intensive level and take the official document about the completion of the initial rock. The pedagogical team officially sends the students to the IBS school for the intensive course – also, for example, to take the stink and take away the certificates of success about the completion of the singing class. This guarantees the continuity of the initial process and motivates schoolchildren to further develop knowledge and development.

Online intensive course IBS – the whole complex will take 1 month to study the main subjects of the high school education program:

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • history;
  • mathematics (algebra and geometry);
  • English language 4 times / day;
  • biology, physics, chemistry;
  • informatics, geography and law.

Students who have studied intensively in these subjects are students of the IBS of the highest qualification category, as they may be able to take a significant amount of credit for the course in an interactive and online format.

The layout should be regular, but not overbearing. Intensive lessons run from Monday to Friday. The program is formed according to the system of 4-5 lessons per day, the duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.

Heading Format:

  • reviewing the recordings of lessons on the Youtube platform;
  • participation in interactive online classes on the Zoom platform.

In order to gain access to take that mother, I can take the report card of success, it is necessary to register for Intensive.

Start intensive: 11 lime.

For registration, follow the instructions:

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