For 4 months, Russians fired over 70 rockets in Odesa region: 10 civilians perished

29 people were wounded through the shelling of the enemy

The riverman of the Odesa Regional Viysk Administration Sergiy Bratchuk published the data of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Region. Apparently before them, 42 types of shelling by Russian troops were documented, 33 of them were fired with missiles.

Up to those 2,606 cruise missiles have already hit Ukraine

Unfortunately, as a result of rocket strikes in Odessa, 10 peaceful people perished, among them one child. Another 29 people were wounded through shelling.

In the regional prosecutor’s office, they did not release information about the number of dead military servicemen.

Due to the civil infrastructure, due to the Russian shelling, about 300 Meshkans were killed in the Odesa region. Russian zagarbniks povednistyu 12 living quarters and apartments.

The crooked blow of the Russians to Odessa

  • Russian Viysk ahead of Great Day leader of the hard missile attack on Odessa. The occupiers fired 7 missiles from the territory of the Caspian Sea. Two rockets to the PPO supporters were shot down in the distance.
  • Unfortunately, a Russian missile hit the living houses, as a result of which 8 people perished. It was reported that 18 people suffered.
  • On the 18th of Chernivtsi, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a working visit to Odesa region and seeing the living house, at which on the 23rd of April the enemy was fired with a rocket. The head of the state has voiced that a missile strike from the side of Russia is a wicked thing, for there is no need for truth.

Enemy heading a massive strike on Pivdnya

20 chernya zbroyni forces of Russia gave a massive blow to Pivdnya our country, having fired 14 rockets. The occupiers hit along Ochakov, the Danube river, Bilgorod-Dnistrovskiy district of Odessa and along Odessa.

Year in the operational command “Pivden” revealed the details of the shelling. It was reported that the Russians fired 4 X-31A missiles from the vinischuvach.

Varte respect Over 2 thousand missiles in three months: the chronology of vibrations in Ukraine was shown in a short video

Another missile of the type “Oniks” from the coastal missile system, the guards tried to strike at Ochakov, and they took it to a rural settlement near the front. In Odessa, 9 more “Oniksivs” were launched, after which one person perished.

The shelling from the side of Russia continued for 22-23 chernya, however, once again, the PPO raised the cynical plans of the aggressor.

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