Floral print and romantic polka dots. Top 5 fashionable summer dresses

An elegant dress is suitable for any event in the hot season.

Versatile summer clothing that is in the wardrobe of any fashionista is a dress. A light and romantic outfit is suitable for both an official meeting and a friendly walk. Focus chose the five most relevant models and styles that you can safely choose this season.

Floral dresses

What could be more summery than bright floral print dresses. They keep in trends not the first year. And thanks to the different styles and models, fashionistas do not get bored.

Such dresses can be mini and maxi lengths, with short sleeves or straps, fitted or oversized. They are decorated with ruffles and flounces to make them more doll-like. And for those who prefer minimalism, there are models of discreet styles.

Polka-dot dress

Dresses with polka dots look very elegant, it is no coincidence that Kate Middleton chose an outfit of this style for a recent visit to the Ascot races. And who, if not the Duchess of Cambridge, knows a lot about stylish images.

Charming dresses with polka dot print can be not only classic black and white – although this option is considered the trend of the season. There are models of bright yellow, red, green and other various colors for every taste. Romantic ballet shoes and a small handbag are perfect for a polka-dot dress – and you can safely go on a date.

T-shirt dresses

Not the first year in the throw on dress trend – that is, a dress that you can put on and go about your business without thinking about what shoes and accessories to choose. This summer, the hit of the season is T-shirt dresses. This option is perfect for those who value time and love comfort. A sports t-shirt dress can be both fitted and wide. It goes well with sneakers, sandals or ballet flats.

Monochrome dresses are considered universal, but in the summer you always want something bright, so you can experiment and look for options for rich colors with trendy prints.

Dresses with open back

Romantic dresses with an open back look attractive and very feminine. This outfit is perfect for an evening walk. You can wear light sandals to the dress, hang a small handbag on your shoulder and go have a good time with friends. Depending on your preferences, the length can be maxi or mini. Classic black or white shades will do. But if you are not afraid of experiments, look at the bright colors, they also look great.

Wrap dresses

Another practical model for those who appreciate comfort is a wrap dress. It is perfect for women with any figure, as the size of the dress is easily adjustable with the help of ties at the waist. Choose bright colors and trendy prints.

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