Federation of Migrants announced the “crazy” number of calls from those wishing to participate in a special operation

A few days ago, a point for accepting foreigners to serve under a contract was opened in Sakharovo. For the conclusion of an annual contract, the migrant will be given Russian citizenship, promised Sergei Sobyanin.

In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan almost immediately reacted to an innovation – all three countries warned their citizens against participating in a special operation and recalled the criminal punishment in their homeland for such actions.

Nevertheless, today the President of the Federation of Migrants, Vadim Kozhenov, announced a large number of people wishing to obtain Russian citizenship in an accelerated mode through the conclusion of a contract. On the air of the radio station “Moscow Speaks” Kozhenov said: “We had an insane number of calls in which people asked where to sign, where is the machine, what is the plan and so on. We called a meeting, it turned out that there are many people who want to ask what to do in order to integrate into the process in this situation and take advantage of the possibility of financial allowance and in the future of obtaining citizenship. People are very actively trying to understand how the situation really is. I think that next week it will be possible to be more specific, but for now it’s nice that there are those who want to.”

But that’s not all. Kirill Kabanov, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and member of the Presidential Council, reacted to the statements of the CIS countries. He stated that his committee would propose to deprive the Russian citizenship of those immigrants who have received this same citizenship over the past 10 years, but refuse to “execute military duty.”

In his telegram channel Kabanov wrote: “As part of the partial mobilization announced by the President of the Russian Federation, we are preparing proposals for new citizens of the Russian Federation who have Russian citizenship for less than 10 years on compulsory military service for a year for people from Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Refusal to perform military duty should entail the deprivation of Russian citizenship not only for the person liable for military service, but also for members of his family. The implementation of this initiative will be an adequate response to the official ban on the part of the authorities of the above countries on the participation of their citizens in the SVO on a voluntary basis, for which they face criminal punishment in their homeland.”

Photo: Maxim Blinov / MIA “Russia Today”

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