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Stability in a relationship does not please them at all.

Who likes to tickle his nerves /

Astrologers have named three zodiac signs that are extremely bored in a consistently good relationship. Therefore, they do their best to experience emotional swings. They really love this stuff.

a lion

Fire Lions made this list because they don’t know how to live in peace. For any reason, they can wind themselves up, inflate themselves out of molehills, and then also be offended, in fact, for no reason. In addition, they are very fond of adventures, even those that can lead them into not very pleasant situations. At the same time, Lions know how to get out of any situation as winners.


This is another fire sign of the zodiac that is in constant search of adrenaline. They really like to experience emotional instability. Most often they involve strangers in their “problems”. In addition, Sagittarians love to be pitied, although they pretend to be strong and independent.


Aquarians are lovers of risking their lives. They will go to the craziest experiments, if only to just tickle their nerves. Because of this feature of their character, it is very difficult to build a stable serious relationship with them. Next to them can only be the same adventurous people.

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