Fans are angry at Adele

The artist’s subscribers remembered the canceled concerts in America.

34-year-old British singer Adele was at the center of a new scandal when she announced a new concert in London. On her Instagram page, the artist published announcement of the upcoming performance, adding a photo with the musicians with whom she is to perform in the UK capital.

“It will be incredible! A whole day of performances. I can’t wait to share the stage with such women,” said Adele.

However, the news did not become joyful for the American subscribers of the artist. Adele’s fans got angry and remembered the canceled concerts in Las Vegas in the winter of 2022. The organizers did not return the money for them and did not appoint additional performances.

Adele announced a concert in London

Are you kidding me? — write the furious subscribers of the singer.

There has been no official response from Adele or her representatives yet.

Fans are angry at Adele

Fans are angry at Adele

Recall that in January 2022 Adele the day before her performance canceled a number of concerts in Las Vegas, which fans have been waiting for years, and some have already purchased tickets for the road to the city and booked local hotels. At first it was reported that the cause of the incident was the high incidence of covid, and subsequently rumors began to circulate on the Web that the singer had a falling out with her boyfriend that day.

Also Focus wrote about Adele and fiancé Rich Paul’s new home. The lovers are planning to live in the estate of Sylvester Stallone for 58 million dollars.

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