famous art critic criticized the portrait of Kate Middleton and Prince William

According to the critic, the artist was too carried away in order to photographically accurately convey the Dukes of Cambridge, forgetting that he painted living people.

Missed at the Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge in Cambridgeshire present the first joint official portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as the first criticism of the work of the artist Jamie Koret has already appeared. His opinion about the portrait in the column for the Daily Mail expressed famous British art critic Andrew Norman Wilson.

He called the picture dead, complaining that the Duchess of Cambridge, who is the embodiment of vitality, was reduced in the portrait from a person with a radiant smile to the status of a mannequin. A beautiful woman has become like a “strangely boring doll.”

“The real Duchess of Cambridge lifts everyone’s spirits with her radiant smile. However, the figure in this picture is brooding, a bit petulant and actually unrecognizable like our Kate. It also made her body look rather odd in a sparkly green dress. They say the camera never lies, but I think this picture shows how untrue this is, I have no idea if the artist worked from nature studies, although given the hectic schedules of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I doubt it, as it seems like a painful overdependence on photographs. in an attempt to convey absolute photographic accuracy, the artist succeeded in making both figures completely lifeless. A good portrait painter – whether a photographer or an artist – sees the life of his object, “he writes.

The older the Queen and her successor, Prince Charles, the greater the danger that the monarchy will be seen as a dying institution, the critic said. Therefore, the creation of a positive image is extremely important in order for it to be preserved.

“Unlike the republics of the world, our constitutional monarchy is a system with a human face, or rather, a whole range of faces, from very old to tiny children. That is why the art of painting, along with numerous photographic images of Prince William and his family, plays such an important role in history.These are not just snapshots meant to bring a newspaper to life.They are part of the story we tell about ourselves as a nation.Yes, we have a venerable old past, embodied in great state ceremonies and in the revered personality of our great queen.But we are also a national group of amazingly diverse people with a cheerful and optimistic outlook on the future.That’s what the Duchess of Cambridge conveys so warmly and cheerfully.She deserves more than this slovenly, lifeless, rather sullen version of her.There are a lot of good artists working in Britain at the moment- portrait painters, many of whom are young, as evidenced by the annual competition organized by the National Portrait Gala rhea,” emphasizes Wilson.

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He insists that the Cambridges should commission a portrait from a truly worthwhile artist:

“It will not be an act of vanity. It would be a declaration to the world and to future generations why we place our hopes in them to preserve the constitutional monarchy.”

Recall in Cambridgeshire, Kate Middleton appeared in a very elegant summer ensemble.

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