Expert: In Germany, the operating life of all nuclear power plants is expiring

In Germany, the energy crisis will worsen even more due to the expiration of the life of the nuclear power plant. About this June 24 IA REGNUM Russian publicist said germanist
Timofey Borisov.

Probably, it will not be possible to extend the life of the three remaining German nuclear power plants, although Germany would very much like this now“, – said the expert.

The production time for fresh fuel rods for nuclear power plants will take from a year to a year and a half. Therefore, the station will have to be turned off in December, and this is a loss of power generation, which will aggravate the situation against the backdrop of a possible cessation of Russian gas supplies, the expert explained.

That is why Khabek has no choice but to start preparing the Germans psychologically for difficult times. Not to the cold, but to the coolness in the houses“, the expert concluded.

Recall that previously…

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