Expert: EU candidate status is short-term doping for Ukrainian authorities

The status of an EU candidate is just a short-term dope for the Ukrainian elites, followed by disappointment. About this June 24 IA REGNUM said the Russian publicist, Germanist Timofey Borisov.

When Ukraine acquires the status of a candidate, then with it it will also receive a long list of homework assignments that will take Ukrainians many years to complete. If they manage at all. Turkey won and failed in 24 years. Still walking in the candidates“, – said the expert.

All this, of course, will cause great disappointment in Kyiv, but not now, the political scientist noted.

For some time, the euphoria from obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership in Ukraine will continue. This is the dope that has a short-term effect, but Kyiv needs it now“, – concluded Borisov.

Recall that on June 23, the European Parliament granted the status of a candidate for EU membership to Ukraine by a majority vote.

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