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The minister assured that the authorities took into account all the mistakes of past waves of evacuations.

Irina Vereshchuk / photo UNIAN

Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk is visiting Kremenchuk today, where she meets with displaced persons and asks them to call their relatives and friends in the Donetsk region with a request to carry out a quick evacuation.

During the briefing, she told the algorithm of actions for those who must evacuate from the Donetsk region.

“There will be no heating, there is no water in some cities, there will be no gas … Please call and let them evacuate. You see you are well received here, let them come here,” says Vereshchuk.

According to her, an evacuation headquarters has been set up at the state level and more than 50,000 children and more than 200,000 adults should leave the Donetsk region.

“We understand that without the government it is difficult to find places where to go. But today I am here in Poltava region for this. Poltava region can still receive people, although this is a big burden on the budget and people. Therefore, those who will be evacuated should call administration, or write online in chat bots. Everything is recorded in the OVA and they will come to such people, pick them up, and transport them to the place of evacuation. It can be a bus, or a train. Then they will be brought, for example, here. Everything will be done for them along the way. “So that they receive an IDP certificate. They will be met at the station. They will be met there at the station and given first aid and financial aid. Ukrposhta already knows how to do this. There is money,” she said.

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The minister assured that the authorities took into account all the mistakes of past waves of evacuations.

“We understand that someone does not want to evacuate. Then there is a certain format of refusal. There is personal responsibility. But I say again, there will be no gas, no heating, no light!” Vereshchuk emphasized.

She once again emphasizes that those people who have decided to evacuate should contact the ACV, leave their data and then they will help them to leave, and everything will be organized by the authorities of the region where people will be brought to the place of resettlement.

As UNIAN reported, Vereshchuk urged residents of Donetsk region to show wisdom and evacuate. The migrants are going to receive the regions in the center and in the west of Ukraine.

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