Europe to stand on the threshold of changing leaders: who will become them

New Europe

Radimo Zbroya win: with the most zahіdnymi garmaty of the ZSU to impoverish the Russians

І tse confirm yogo public opinion and work visits at the edge of Europe. In words and in action, Duda positions himself as a leader.

“It’s shameful to hear that it is impossible to belittle Russia, it is necessary to allow her to save her disguise,” the Polish president said. A bold statement, addressed to other leaders, who did not dare to think that in the minds of the war one can remain “neutral”.

Let’s also bet on Dudu and the United States. Another strategic partner of America is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Not long ago, having won a vote of approval, and in such a manner, having secured his position. And with them, Duda and Johnson, Joe Biden will conduct a further dialogue and improve energy supply.

Tsikavo What war in Ukraine will lead to the history of the planet

Light of the check “change of poles”

Natomist spinelessness of the French and German leaders, if they will play with Russia, you can turn against them with a sickly incomprehensible protest in the middle of their lands. And already on the spring in these regions, a series of rallies can be held and inspire the expression of distrust.

And we can watch over the end of the war in our country, the creation of a new strong union, the key role in which America will play, and Ukraine, Poland, Britain will come before it.

In the same way, the unions can popovnit the lands of the Baltic, having gathered around the so-called new Europe, as if they would be the mother of that particular enemy in the guise of Russia. Such an alliance will give a breakthrough in the economy. Yogo dії will be swedish, effective and rіshuchimi.

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