Europe knows how to replace Roscosmos for the implementation of the ExoMars project

Europe prizupinil spіvpratsy z Russia through the invasion of the rest of Ukraine. As a reminder, the launch of the ExoMars-2022 spacecraft was cancelled. Now the head of ESA, Josef Aschbacher (ExoMars), said that NASA is ready to help the European Space Agency, and negotiations on this topic between organizations will be completed by the next days.

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Aschbacher said that as a matter of fact, the cooperation with Roskosmos was successful, then the favor of NASA is significant outside of the work between Europe and Russia in the framework of the mission for the exploration of Mars.

Exchange of possessions from Russia

ESA also added that the agency could discuss with Roskosmos the possibility of exchanging the money, as has already been done for the ExoMars project. Here varto designate that Russia is unlikely to fit in such a short time. Let’s guess, after the British company spivpratsi with “Roskosmos” was attached as part of the OneWeb project, the agency simply stole the satellites, as if they could launch them into orbit.

Vtіm, here the situation is deshcho іnsha, the main part of the possession of the mission of ExoMars is rebuying in Italy, including Russian components. So Russia simply does not have a choice, as if you really want to turn your possession.

We also have more possessions from Russia. And we need to discuss what we have done. Europe needs to turn its components, and Russians want to turn theirs,
Josef Aschbacher said.

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Nuclear reactors for the month

Let’s guess that NASA is actively preparing for the month-long missions as part of the Artemida project. Narazі vodomstvo spodіvaєtsya otrimati finansuvannya for svogo the project of life of a nuclear reactor on the Moon. The agency has already signed contracts with three contractors for the development of the concept.

Under the bag, a compact reactor on the satellite of the Earth will generate electricity for the support of the possible monthly base within the framework of the Artemis program, directed to the turn of the people on the Moon and the continuation of scientific research. However, in the future, the direction may be stuck on Mars. It seems to NASA that the development of these early projects will help to lay the foundation for the secure future presence of people in other worlds.

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