Euro has fallen significantly: the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine by 23 roubles.

Official exchange rate

Fours, 23 cherries, National Bank having set the official euro exchange rate on the equal UAH 30.75 per euro, which is 11 kopecks less, lower the day before. NBU depriving the American dollar on the river UAH 29.25 – ce freezing rate from February 24, 2022.

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Polish zloty tezh grows in price. The course is up to par 6.56 hryvnia per zloty. The price is 9 kopecks less, lower it was up to tsgogo. The British pound sterling has fallen in price by 7 kopecks. exchange rate to become UAH 35.81 per pound.

The National Bank of Ukraine since February 24, 2022 – a large-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine – fixing the dollar exchange rate. So zavzhd varto vrakhovuvat tsey factor. Aje usі іnshі іnshі іnshі іtsіynі і NBU rozarovuє exchange rates, quoting currency pairs with the American dollar on the international market.

Ready exchange rate

For tribute finance.uathe prepared exchange rate of foreign currencies in Ukraine was set at 23 roubles, having risen on the equal:

  • Dollar: purchase – UAH 34.64, sales – UAH 35.44.
  • Euro: purchase – UAH 36.32, sales – UAH 37.43.
  • Zloty: purchase – UAH 7.80, sales – UAH 8.96.
  • Pound sterling: purchase – UAH 43.10, sales – UAH 44.17.

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