EU plans “Shvidko pratsyuvati for a further increase in military support” of Ukraine

This was announced by members of the European Union for the sake of press release, published after the first day of the EU summit, which was 23 chervnya.

Up to those Together with HIMARS and ships: the United States voted about military assistance to Ukraine for 450 million

They voiced at the European Council that they want to help Ukraine assert its right to self-defense in the face of Russia’s aggression.

The European Union, like before, is firmly vindicating the far-flung Russian support, to help Ukraine gain its own right to self-defense in the face of Russian aggression and defend its territorial integrity. For this reason, the European Rada calls on the Rada to promptly work on the further gains of the military support,
– to pray at the presrelіzі.

In the EU, they turned back to Russia

The European Rada called out to Russia “negainy to nastit on silskogopodarskie objects and viviz grain crops” from Ukraine. Also, the aggressor country was called to the EU to unblock the Black Sea, to open the port of Odesa, to allow the export of grain and commercial shipping operations, calling Russia in the global food security crisis.

Russia, vikoristovuyuchi food like I’ll take away from my war against Ukraine, carry the same kind of support for the global food security crisis, like it provoked,
– to move with the helper.

Belarus is not unique

The European Rada denounced Russia’s attack on the civilian population and the infrastructure of the Gromadyans, adding that “it is necessary to respect international humanitarian law, including the reasons for military colonization.”

Russia, Belarus and all who bear responsibility for the evils of the war and other most serious evils, will be attracted to the responsibility for their actions, in accordance with international law,
– the European Rada voiced.

Ukraine took away the status of a candidate in the EU

  • On the 23rd of Chernivt, the European leaders praised the historical decision – Ukraine has been given the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union.
  • In Ukraine, about 70% of European rules, norms and standards have already been implemented, and it is also necessary to strengthen the work of the rule of law, deoligarchization and the fight against corruption.
  • Together with Ukraine, the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union was given to Moldova. Natomist Georgia was not given the status of a candidate. For the sake of Charles Michel, the head of the head of the European Union said, what can it be like to destroy the country sprat of important krokiv.

Before those – the ensign of Ukraine was raised before the future of the European Parliament: marvel at the video

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