EU Candidate Status for Ukraine and Moldova

About tse povіdomiv head of the head of the European for the sake of Charles Michel. And the axis of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, described in detail what the government of Georgia can do.

Up to those Ukraine took away the status of a candidate in the EU

Yakі mind hung Georgia

You should respect what Charles Michel wrote on his Twitter in two languages ​​- English and Georgian. Vin podkresliv, that at the same time they not only recognized the European perspective of Georgia, but are ready to give the status of a candidate.

The European Rada is ready to give the status of a candidate, as soon as there will be a virishenі nevirishenі priority. I live the Georgian people. Historical moment in the EU-Georgia: the future of Georgia lies in the EU,
– wrote Michelle.

If there were “non-violating” priorities, they were not said too much about them. Von der Leyen emphasized that Georgia is to blame:

  • demonstrate political unity;
  • get the hromadyanske suspіlstvo and collapse to the reforms.

The Prote European politician respected that the coming years would come. “Georgia has already reached this stage, you have a strong economy, you have achieved a great political progress,” the President of the European Commission suggested.

Previously, the government of Georgia groaned

If in the European Commission on 17 chervnya they raised it, what recommend to apply for candidate status in the lish of Moldova and Ukraine, the Georgian politicians reacted to dosing sourly.

Illya Darchiashvili, the head of the MZS, said that Georgia had carried out large-scale reforms, the stink “suppressed more” for that. And the axis of the president of the country reacted grumblingly, she said that lie down to the category of people, yakі rozlilis.

Prote and won, and the minister declared that they would not take the path to Europe. And the president announced the creation of a “committee for reforms” to take the status of a candidate before the end of 2022.

Up to those Magnificent rally to support the European integration of Georgia in Tbilisi

Why did the prime minister of Georgia call Arakhamia

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakliya Garibashvili, stated that the status of a candidate was not given to her over the head of the Servant of the People faction. Movlyav, that nibito vimagav tse pid hour splkuvannya with representatives of the United States and European countries.

On the 22nd of Cherniy Arakhamiya, having recorded a video, de calling the people of Georgia “not to be fooled by fakes and provocations” of their own power. However, all the same, he confirmed that he was talking about this country at the hour of the visit of the Successful states.

In the United States, I took care of it, arguing the concept about those that Pan Ivanishvili (Bidzina – Channel 24) is the oligarch of the pro-Russian plan. Vіn maє puppet ranks and, in essence, represent the great Georgian people, who would like to go to Europe.

The people’s deputy sings that Ukraine and our people will do everything to support Georgia in coming to the EU. So, to this video, he declared that there is a widening of the “anti-Ukrainian” fake itself on the oligarch’s behalf.

Respect – more details about this statement of Arakhamia: marvel at the video

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