Estonia is “taken from the map” against the attack of Russia, which is a good example of NATO’s strategy, – premiere

This statement was made by the head of the Estonian order in an interview. Kaya Kallas is overwhelmed, but with the latest defense models of Estonia, it can be undermined by the attack of Russia.

Respect Tse advance in Russia, – a journalist about training for imitation of missile strikes on Estonia

Kallas corrected the situation in Ukraine with Estonia

The Prime Minister of Estonia said that today’s NATO defense strategies will secure a scenario that could lead to 180 days of Russian occupation being left behind in the Baltic region. However, Kaya Kallas voiced that there is war in Ukraine, for 120 days she has shown what threatens the lives of Estonia.

Porivnyuyuchi rozmіri Ukraine and Baltic krai, tse would mean outside the plunder of our krai і culture,
Callas said.

The Estonian premiere marked the fact that the rіzanina in Buchi lived in the first winter. That’s why the concept of NATO, for її words, does not work.

Under the hour of the NATO summit in Madrid, in the middle of the discussion, there will be a discussion about the defense of the opposite flank of the Alliance, the Baltic region. Kallas voiced that Estonia needs more military allies. If the stench may not be based permanently in Estonia, but it is necessary to place it in such a way that at times the threats could quickly arrive to the edge.

NATO commented on the words of Kallas

The representative of the Alliance responded to the words of the Prime Minister of Estonia and said that the Alliance has a plan for the invasion of the allies, however, the details of the plan cannot be revealed.

Also, the official announced that NATO forces would be formed, to increase their readiness, and to remove the flank more troops, to strengthen the fighting groups.

Russia is threatening Lithuania

Until the EU sanctions, Lithuania has pinned the transit of sanctioned goods from Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave on the coast of the Baltic Sea, which is between Poland and Lithuania.

Russia already sounded a few threats towards Lithuania. At the State Duma they should proclaim the recognition of the independence of Lithuania.

One of the remaining threats prolunala as the representative of the Russian MZS Maria Zakharova. Vaughn said she would not be “diplomatic” in Lithuania.

Tsikavo – chi become a threat to Lithuania Russia: marvel at the video

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