Estonia demands a new defense concept for the Baltic countries: the current one against the Russian Federation does not work – news from Ukraine, World

Given what is happening in Ukraine, the current NATO defense plan for the Baltic countries (in the event of an invasion by the Russian Federation, they can be under occupation for up to six months before the allies win back) needs to be reviewed, because during this time “the complete destruction of our country and our culture” may occur. “. To this in an interview Financial Times called on the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaya Callas.

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Now, about 1,500,000 NATO troops are permanently based in each of the Baltic countries. Their task is to provide initial resistance to the invasion, to give the Alliance time to prepare for the transfer of reinforcements. She cautioned that such a “tight wire” concept does not imply strong operational resistance from Russia.

The presence of allied troops should be more extensive – at least a division in every Baltic country, she believes.

“Now everyone sees that this concept does not really work,” Kallas said and called for a total of 20,000 to 25,000 NATO soldiers to be deployed in the Baltic countries.

She later addedthat “we need to move from a defensive position to a defensive position, which means that we must be ready to repel [нападение] on the very first day.”

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President of Estonia Alar Karis stated that Kallas’s words are not intimidation or “revealing NATO’s defense plans”, as critics of the country’s prime minister have already stated, but concern for Estonia. Yesterday, because of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, he called “prepare for any situation”.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock supported Kallas that the concept of “tight wire” is no longer enough.

“Our military exercises must reflect the new reality. And we need to respond to the fact that the entire eastern territory of the Allies is facing a new threat. We need to increase the presence of NATO there,” – stated she is.

Germany has already proposed to Lithuania to create a “reliable combat brigade” for 3,500 soldiers in addition to the current battalion of about 1,000 soldiers, but so that the majority of the military would be based in Germany and be able to urgently arrive in the Baltic countries.

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