Erdogan’s new invasion of Syria: why is Ukraine here

Handy moment

At the very same time, Erdogan vvazha, the moment has come for the invasion, because all will occupy the wary Russia against Ukraine, and everyone will need that fate, which means that you can and further raise rates, bargain and win back the Bazhan. Strategy – the more threats you throw on the steel, the more you take away.

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The first and foremost opponents will be Erdogan’s little ones – the support of the United States by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). For the United States, the stink is a way to resist the influx of the Islamic state in the region. The very stench is buried in the pit with terrorists in the organization and jointly with them, the United States conducts anti-terrorist grouping operations in Syria, including liquidation of their leaders.

Publicly tse n_bi against Russia, but tse friendly to the Kremlin regime of Assad panuє in Syria and military operations in the pivnіchnіy part of the kraiyi yoma to shkoda. Ale, it seems, less publicly. Bo Russia would not mind exchanging its own lamentation of Erdogan’s operation for other deeds of Turechchini in її bіk in other places. Mlyavuuchi mlyavuu reaction Russia, perhaps homely already became, prote, їх subject nevіdomy.

So, the Islamic state plays in the same way, because all the emotions will be for the song hour in the presence of forces in the opposition, which I create for it my own window of possibilities, and speed up to them traditionally crookedly.

Ukrainian factor

Russia is venturing into the war and bringing out the forces from Syria, it cannot seriously resist the operation of Turkey, regardless of those who in 2019 roci housed the Syrian Kurds about those that Turkey did not spend in Manbij.

If Putin is not like Erdogan, who in such a rite reveals the weakness of Russia, he also needs Turkey to support his striman position for Ukraine, and, perhaps, be ready to sacrifice the favor of Moscow with the Syrian Kurds.

The United States is playing around with the folding camp, defending, stench in the alliance with the YPG through its leading role in the coalition of Syrian democratic forces, as if sponsoring Washington to win over the Islamic power.

The rest of the time, if Erdogan attacked the 2019 rotations, the US public opinion was dispelled through those who had moved in the name of their ally, which embarrassed the then President Donald Trump to act as an intermediary to bring fire between Turkey and the YPG.

Ale, yak, sing-song, sack Erdogan, the US priorities have changed. They also want to save Ankari’s apparent neutrality while Ukraine and, obviously, don’t want to, because Turechchina was approaching Russia.

More, Washington wants Erdogan to stop resisting the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. Erdogan thinks that he is in a strong position, and in the end he can win more in Washington for the admission of these new members, for example, turning to the F-35 program. Vin, insanely, ochіkuє, scho Bіliy dіm close your eyes on the yogo suffocation of these Kurdish guts, yakі all the same inundate more territory of the YPG under the underdog of the United States.

Popular war

Obviously, Erdogan explains it in a humanitarian way: if you bury 30 kilometers of the cordon of the inn, you can settle the Syrian refugees there, the presence of them in Turkey is not satisfied with the population, with which the Turkish opposition is rooted.

Prote, it’s more like a manipulation, because Erdogan’s previous operations suddenly increased the number of refugees. And for the resettlement of the land, it is necessary to rehabilitate the region. So the work for Erdogan’s wake-up callers will be on the rocks, and all the whole hour a lot of refugees in Turkey are less likely to grow.

Obviously, the policy of Erdogan, if the Kurds, against any nibito and directives of their attack, may have all the signs of genocide.

However, it is worthy of the Turkish people, who know the truth of such cruelty in the sides of distant history. While the population applauds, Erdogan will be driven in, relocated and assimilated the Kurds.

Will you invade?

Is Chi Erdogan still victorious in the United States? What part of the bigger gris? It didn’t dawn on me, but the Turkish state propaganda will force the narrative that the invasion is true, and the Syrian forces are getting ready to repair the opir.

The Kremlin has a plan to undermine the Baltic countries – marvel at the video:

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