Employers of Nizhny Tagil began to treat vapes more loyally

In recent years, workers in Nizhny Tagil have become more loyal to various electronic cigarettes. Analysts of the SuperJob job search company and employees came to this conclusion.

The use of electronic smoking systems is completely banned today one and a half times less than in 2019. They are allowed to smoke them in specially designated places, on the contrary, much more often.

Today, every fifth smoker (20%) smokes only vapes. The number of supporters of conventional cigarettes decreased by 16% and amounted to 61%. Both that, and another smoke 23 % interrogated. At the same time, respondents under 34 prefer vapes 5 times more often than respondents over 45 (42% versus 8%). Those who smoke only electronic cigarettes are more among women (31% versus 24% among men).

According to 44% of Tagil residents, electronic and regular cigarettes harm the health of smokers in about the same way. Compared to 2019, this position has become more common (by 6%). One in five (20%) believes that vapes are more dangerous, one in nine (11%) believes that they are less dangerous.

As for the harm to the health of others, 21% of Tagil residents are sure that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous, and 14% are more confident. From the point of view of 47% of respondents, regular cigarettes and vapes are harmful to passive smokers in about the same way.

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