Elon Musk rozpovіv if it starts, the release of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup

About Elon Musk, he said in an interview with the Vlasniks of Tesla electric cars in Silicon Valley. Having added that yakbi design of the machine was not subject to additional work at the design stage, the serial production was launched earlier by the company, having caused a shortage of components.

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At the same time, Musk knew that the changes in the design of the machine had adopted the changed terms on the cob of serial production. I know, at the same time, the design of hardenings in the residual version, which will become serial.

De store the Cybertruck

It seems that the Cybertruck will be launched in Austin, Texas, with a variety of 4680 battery gauges. pickup.

At the same time, Model Y crossovers with life elements 4680 are being launched at the factories in Texas, and in the mid-range perspective, the company can put together a Cyberturck pickup truck, a Roadster sports car of another generation, that Semi vest, and a human-like robot Optimus, as well as an automatic taxi Tesla.

What will be the price of the novelty, it is not clear, but at the time of launch it started at 39,900 dollars. More than 200,000 frontal car advances were smashed for the first time.

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While Elon Musk announced the release of Cybertruck in 2023, the director of Jetson Aero showed how he is flying to work as an air car. One-mission Jetson One is as simple as possible for such a type of transport. One battery is more than enough for 20 hours of flying at a speed of 100 km / year, a little more than enough to put the head of the retailer company on the job.

The director of the company, Tomasz Patan, having taken a short and, obviously, advertising video, in which he is easily stuck into the seat of an aeromobile, which stands in the back yard, rises in the air and fly straight to the landing of the maydanchik of the main plane. You can look at yoga with our material.

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