Electricity bills terrify Americans

Gigi Perez was horrified when she opened her electricity bill notice and saw that it was $174 this month.

— How much do you usually pay in the summer months?

— Last year it was somewhere between 95 and 98 dollars.

– It turns out that it has become 80 dollars more.

“Exactly, and that’s a lot.

Gigi’s family – a daughter and three grandchildren – has a fixed income and lives in Houston. Now they are trying to save electricity by any means, so that in the future the bills will no longer be so heavy. And to pay for the current one, you will have to sacrifice something.

– My first thought was: I’ll pay the bill now, but there won’t be enough money for water, meat or something else. Prices are rising. Some item of expenditure will have to be abandoned.

Texas has some of the highest electricity bills in the country. This summer, it is expected to cost US $540, up 20% from last year. Some states are seeing even more dramatic price increases. In Pennsylvania, regulators are warning of a 45 percent increase in tariffs. And in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire, consumers will begin receiving bills from Monday, where the cost of electricity will increase by 50 percent.

Plus $100 a month is a lot of money.

A resident of the “Granite State” named Michelle is shocked by the current price hike and unprecedented heat.

“The situation is hopeless, and we cannot influence it in any way. It remains to simply take everything for granted.

What caused such a jump?

– The conflict in Ukraine is largely to blame, it was he who provoked an increase in gas prices by two, or even four times. And with them, the cost of electricity is rising.

And yet, there are some ways to reduce the final figures in the accounts.

– Experts advise adding a couple of degrees on the temperature stabilizer. Close the blinds and the room won’t get too hot. And if a heavy bill still came, contact the appropriate authorities with a request to draw up a payment schedule.

“Today it’s about 30 degrees here and the humidity is high, but our air conditioners don’t work. We generally try not to turn them on unless absolutely necessary.

Since there is little chance that the situation will improve, Michelle and Gigi are considering moving to reduce costs.

“I don’t know what awaits us next, but everyone needs electricity.

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