Egyptian President urged to release political prisoners

The Egyptian Trade Union Association sent an official request to the office of the President of the country Abdel-Fattaha al-Sisi with a request for the release of 17 workers imprisoned under “political” articles. This was reported on June 23 by Masry-al-Youm.

According to journalists, trade unions are asking to include political prisoners in the list of persons subject to amnesty on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday and the anniversary of the June 30 revolution. Among the people the unions are pushing for release are 12 employees of the official insurance company Misr, imprisoned for criticizing government policies and five citizens arrested for speaking out on social media and at demonstrations found to be in violation of the country’s laws.

Previously, representatives of trade unions, together with international human rights organizations, repeatedly called for the release of prisoners, but their requests were ignored.

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