Education reached a new level at UMMC University

A new fire safety training tool using a 3D simulator has appeared at the UMMC Technical University. Since September, a group of employees of the company’s enterprises – managers and specialists responsible for ensuring fire safety, have begun training using a new format.

Students on the screen reproduce and go through difficult situations in order to be as prepared as possible for them themselves and to teach others. A virtual simulator is like a game in which you can set a variety of conditions, try and fail without fear for your life, and practice actions to the level of the right skills.

“Time dictates that a person, in order to remain at a high level of his professional skills, needs to constantly develop. Constantly learn new skills and abilities, as progress does not stand still. But you can study in different ways: both at your desk, recording lectures behind the teacher, as in school, and at the modern level – plunging into virtual life, as at the UMMC Technical University, ”said Vyacheslav Lapin, Director of the UMMC University.

The 3D simulator allows you to teach fire safety skills to both one and dozens of people at the same time. Such simulators significantly enhance the quality of learning and memorization, and also make it more interesting and effective.

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