Do not harm the soldiers, – Chernik, saying that to embarrass Putin, voice the mobilization

The Ukrainian successes can become a catalyst for such an open mobilization. About tse 24 channel rozpov_vіyskovy expert Petro Chernik.

important Stolen, throw at the door and roll: Russians in the Luhansk region carry out mobilization raids

“If Putin that yoga elite understands that there will be an axis-axis strike in Ukraine. And for Putin to receive a strike in Ukraine – sign at his own mortal virtu. – prokomentuvav Petro Chernik.

In addition, having designated wines, it is possible to infuse the growing ideology of confrontation with NATO itself.

Really, how will they stink their own propaganda? The stench is not fighting for the Ukrainians, the stench is fighting for the aggressive NATO bloc until the rest of the Ukrainians,
– nominating Chernik.

Vіn explaining that the sucession of these officials can give the effect of a great mobilization. Prote tse folded food, chi really won’t be. We need to respectfully guard, work on your work, and also mercilessly beat the enemy, destitute your technique.

Behind the words of an expert, remember that the Russians do not pity their soldiers. For them, it’s just like meat.

“Soldiers are by no means valuable to them. The stench has been thrown and will be throwing majestic force at the slaughter,” adding Chernik.

Remaining news about the war between Russia and Ukraine

  • In Lisichansk, the defense is well formed. It will be easy for Russian zagarbniks to find a place through a geographic distribution in the distance. About the head of the Lugansk Regional Viysk Administration Sergiy Gaidai. Vin confirming that the occupiers zahopili Loskutivka, Rai-Oleksandrivka, and approached Lisychansk from midnight to 15 kilometers.
  • American HIMARS systems, like buildings with high accuracy, target targets in the far country, already arrived in Ukraine. Tsya artillery system is now the most far-reaching weapon, as it is on the balance sheet of the ZSU.
  • Russian occupation soak up the ukrainian military, to get a part of the Donetsk region. However, zusilla zagarbnikiv successes can not be.

Varte uvaghi – Guide about hard fights in Luhansk region: marvel at the video

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