Dmitry Tarasov admitted that he grew up on the songs “Lube”

The football player has recently become interested in creativity, as it turned out, his love for music arose not by chance.

In an interview with Elena Sever, Dmitry Tarasov said that his parents were music lovers. So, dad listened to the Lyube group, and Dmitry himself grew up on these songs.

“I even knew one album “Lube” by heart. In general, I like different styles and directions of music, but mostly ours. As a child, I devoted a lot of time to training and studying, but I didn’t have time for foreign languages, and the meaning is important to me in a song. And in this, by the way, I am more of a romantic, ”admitted Dmitry Tarasov.

Well, the athlete considers his work, recording songs together with Sasha Tequila, as a hobby. In the Tarasov family, only Dmitry’s wife, Anastasia Kostenko, was professionally engaged in vocals, however, now he himself is thinking about vocal lessons.

Photo: Yulia Goncharova, Russian TV Week

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