Dmitry Nagiev spoke about the disease that has been tormenting him for 20 years: “The brain is failing” – UNIAN

The actor cannot sleep without sleeping pills.

Dmitry Nagiev complained of feeling unwell / photo from UNIAN

Russian actor Dmitry Nagiev said that for 20 years he could not sleep without sleeping pills. He added that because of these pills, he began to think worse.

“A sleeping pill at night is what I have been living with for the last 20 years. And when I told the doctor that it was harmful, she replied: “Well, not sleeping, isn’t it harmful?” And I calmed down, ”the actor quotes eg.

He added that due to the regular use of sleeping pills, his health is deteriorating. At times he is worse.

“They have a side effect – a person begins to think worse. At times the brain fails, judging by the decisions that I make,” Nagiyev added.

Recall that at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Dmitry Nagiev published black-and-white video and accompanied it with the song of the Aquarium group, in which there are the words “we fought with ourselves.”

“Goodbye. We will definitely meet. I love you, despite the tart taste of lost hopes. As my grandfather said, before communion: “What have I done, old, done?” – he wrote.

After cutting in Bucha, he also made public post, but more concise: “Maybe enough.”

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