Direct losses of the Ukrainian economy due to the war rose to $108.3 billion

According to the KSE Institute, the amount of indirect losses of economic sectors is tentatively estimated at 3.7 trillion hryvnia ($128.8 billion).

The amount of indirect losses is tentatively estimated at UAH 3.7 trillion / UNIAN photo, Evgeny Kolesnik

As of August 1, direct losses economy of Ukraine due to damaged and destroyed residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure amount to 2.9 trillion hryvnia ($108.3 billion).

This is evidenced by the calculations KSE Institute in collaboration with government agencies.

Compared to the data of June 13, the total amount of documented losses as a result of hostilities increased by $12.8 billion.

“A key growth factor was the increase in the number of damaged and destroyed housing. This is the largest share in the total losses. Direct losses due to the destruction of high-rise buildings amount to $ 42.3 billion, and another $ 5.4 billion of losses were caused to owners of private homes. In second place in the total volume of direct losses from damage and destruction – the infrastructure sector with an amount of $31.6 billion. The losses inflicted on enterprises and industry are already estimated at $8.8 billion,” the report says.

Experts noted that the increase in the total amount of losses is also associated with an increase in the number of destroyed and damaged educational, healthcare and social facilities.

“As of July 27, 2,217 educational institutions worth $3.8 billion, 903 medical institutions were destroyed, which caused damage to $1.6 billion and 89 social institutions worth more than $300 million,” the KSE noted.

In total, since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, at least 388 enterprises, 43.7 thousand agricultural equipment, 1991 stores, 511 administrative buildings, 18 civil airports, 105.2 thousand cars, 764 kindergartens, 634 cultural buildings have been damaged, destroyed or captured , 27 shopping centers, 28 tank farms.

Indirect losses of Ukraine due to the war

According to the KSE Institute, the amount of indirect losses of economic sectors is tentatively estimated at 3.7 trillion hryvnia ($128.8 billion).

“Partial or complete stoppage of the activities of enterprises, infrastructure facilities and institutions lead to a complete or partial stoppage of activities, loss of income, increased costs associated with the war. The largest share of indirect losses as a result of a full-scale war that Russia started, the industry and Ukrainian enterprises – $ 29 .8 billion,” the experts noted.

According to their estimates, the total need for the restoration of destroyed assets is almost 5.4 trillion hryvnia ($185 billion).

“40% of this amount is needed to restore the housing stock – $ 75.3 billion. Another $ 42.3 billion is needed to restore the infrastructure of Ukraine. $ 18.3 billion and $ 17.5 billion are the needs for the restoration of industry and enterprises of the agro-industrial complex and land resources, respectively “, the report notes.

The KSE Institute adds that these estimates do not take into account the overall needs for economic recovery, as well as additional needs for the modernization of assets that have not received damage and destruction. The Ukrainian government estimates that, taking into account these categories, the total need for financing the recovery and modernization of the economy is $750 billion.

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