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The creator of the paintings “Shadows Disappear at Noon”, “Eternal Call”, “Two Fates” and many others was 89 years old.

On the director’s death informed Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

Vladimir Krasnopolsky since 1964 worked at the Mosfilm film studio. Until 2000, he shot almost all of his films and series with his second cousin Valery Uskov.

He spoke about their joint work as follows: “Each film had a social background, all the pictures were based on life situations. Thanks to this, characters, conflicts and human relationships can be shown. The peculiarity of our films is that they are all kind, although there are murders and scoundrels in them. There is an unwritten law in art: goodness must always triumph. And we followed this rule strictly.”

Already after the creative paths of the brothers diverged, Krasnopolsky shot the tapes “Kapkan”, “Wolf Messing: who saw through time”, “Manna from heaven”, “House with lilies” and others (at the same time, the names of both Krasnopolsky and Uskov were in the credits so the brothers agreed not to offend each other).

In total, the filmography of the director includes three dozen films and series. He presented his latest work, the crime series The Expropriator, five years ago.

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