Dental services in Poland, such as prices in clinics and Ukrainians do not pay for treatment

Dental excellence in Poland is yakisne, and that was too much. However, it is not a problem for officially trained Poles, who regularly pay for obov’yazkove medical insurance. For insurance policy holders, deeds from services at dental offices are available free of charge.

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The right to take away the same cost-free services, like the citizens of Poland, may and migrants from Ukraine, who have issued a PESEL number and stay in the country legally.

Bezkoshtovna stomatologic help to Ukrainians in Poland

Within the framework of helping Ukrainian citizens, throughout Poland, there are over 300 dental offices, to treat our citizens absolutely without cost. Ale should be respected, that the change of services, for which it is not necessary to pay, is appointed without intermediary by the clinic’s supervisors.

Sounds without cost to accept patients in case of unfavorable camps (for example, hostile teething).

Approximate prices at private clinics

  • the price for a consultation with a dentist is 100 to 200 zlotys (700 – 1400 hryvnias);
  • filling costs PLN 200 and more (UAH 1400);
  • for the treatment of the canal of the tooth, you have to pay 350 zlotys (2450 hryvnias);
  • removal of the tooth will cost at least 200 zlotys (1400 hryvnias), without x-ray damage, consultations, preparations;
  • for teeth whitening, you need to pay approximately 500 zlotys (3500 hryvnias);

It is OK to pay for anesthesia and pain relief for an hour of procedures.

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